We setup a white studio backdrop and professional lights at your prom and take lots of stunning photos of all the pupils. All the photos we take are available to be viewed instantly on our laptops. Pupils simply write down what photos they would like, and we print them on the spot.

Usually a 9x6 inch mounted print costs £15.00 on the night, however if pupils prepay for their photos, we can reduce this to only £10. This cost gets added onto your actual prom ticket price, therefore everyone who buys a prom ticket is entitled to a photo. So for example if your prom ticket is £20, it will now be £30. As a thank you for doing this you get 10% of this amount, so for example if you sell 100 tickets that equates to £10 x 100 = £1000, you would keep £100 of this.

As an added bonus we'll also print your prom tickets free of charge too. The ticket has three parts, the main stub for your records, the photo voucher and the actual ticket. At the prom pupils hand in their photo voucher in exchange for a 9x6 inch mounted print. It's a great system as everyone benefits from it. Pupils will all take away a priceless memory of their prom, that they will cherish for years to come.